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Hi there. Welcome to my blog!

I’m really glad you stopped by, and I’d love to know what brought you here. If you’re so inclined, leave me a comment at the bottom to let me know. I’m just interested, that’s all. I won’t sell your name to Amway or anything like that.

If you came here by a route other than my shop, you may not know that I own and operate an awesome little bakery in Massachusetts. It’s called Two If By Sea as an homage to Paul Revere and his part in that whole incredible time period of our American history.

I’m a giant history buff, as well as a passionate baker, so it just made total sense to name my bakery with a historical reference. And then the fact that I live in Massachusetts where so many of our early historical events happened is icing on the cake.

So the url for my blog should make sense now for you if it didn’t before.

My bake shop is on a cobbled street with other very cool stores and shops around it. We have shingles that hang out over the street, and some of us have our store names in swirly gold or silver on our store-front windows.

My shop has glass cases of yummy tempting sinful delicious things right against the front window. You cannot possibly walk past my shop without seeing incredible treats and artisan bread on display in the window. And you have to have superhuman resistance to actually keep going and ignore them. Most people don’t have that kind of resistance, and they come into my shop and walk out with boxes and bags of goodies.

I also sell fudge, and I don’t think there’s a single person in the United States that can resist fudge. Milk chocolate fudge. Dark chocolate fudge. Caramel fudge. Sea salt caramel fudge. Mint fudge. Walnut fudge. Maple fudge. Butterscotch fudge. I make it all.

For the one or two people in the nation that are bigger lemon fans than chocolate fans, I snag them, too. Lemon meringue pies. Lemon tarts. Lemon bars. Individual lemon puddings. Lemon shortbread cookies.

I make all that, too.

So basically, no one can get past my shop without coming inside for something unless their kid is lying bleeding in the street and they’re preoccupied with that.

I have run this shop now for about twenty years. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of other shops come and go, but not me. I’m one of the originals on this street.

I should probably clarify. This street has been here for about two hundred years, so I’m not exactly an original. It has been a shopping street for that long, but it kind of went through a tough period a while back and then rebuilt itself, and I was among those who were in the picture during the rebuilding. In fact, I helped launch the rebuilding.

So I’ve been around for a while.

My other passion is storytelling and story writing, and that’s mostly what this blog is for: to showcase my stories. So I hope you visit often and read my stories!

Comment if you want!

I like to know who my readers are and I like to connect with you.


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