The continuation of yesterday’s blog story. . . .

The sun was high in the sky and was the first natural light any of them had seen. The time they didn’t spend checking their direction or looking at the next branch to jump to, they spent gazing at the sun through their tinted visors.

They quickly began sweating. Drenched in their suits. Unfortunately, they only came with fresh air, but no air conditioning.

None of the trio dared to remove their helmets, though, through fear of the air being toxic. The air filters and tanks made sure they’d have air for a long while, but filters don’t last forever, and Xen spent some time thinking about that.

They trudged on and on, and when they finally got to the ship, the sun was low in the sky. The branches began to thin, and the boys found themselves climbing in a downward slope towards the ground.

From where they were, they could see everything. The rubble and dust from the ship in a huge circle of destroyed trees and scattered earth. Kids kicking through the wreckage and trying to extinguish the still flaming engines.

The trio accelerated their pace, making their way out of the green and into the black, charred circle. They reached the spongy soil and sprinted over to the burning rockets. They joined the others, frantically scooping dirt and throwing it into the fire.

This continued until the fire shrank to a more manageable size when a boy stood back and called to the others. “Alright guys, we should keep this ablaze now that we can handle it. We don’t know how easily we’ll be able to make other fires.”

Some of the others backed off, still keeping an eye on the fire. It was just the size of a small bonfire now.

Xen looked around. In his haste to calm the fire, he hadn’t realized how much time had passed since he had started working.

The sun was gone, and it was dark. He had heard about crickets on earth, filling the night with pleasant ringing. There was nothing of the sort. An abyssal black penetrated with deep eerie moans and groans. He couldn’t tell if it was the trees groaning while the wind rocked their trunks, or if it was something more sinister.

He cleared a patch of ground of all debris and laid in the dirt. He watched the horizon, his mind reeling from the events of today. He wondered what people on earth were up to. Or even what year it was. Time goes differently in deep space.

He looked at the sky. He looked, probably for hours, at the moon. Or a moon. The moon of this planet.

Massive, it dominated the sky. Framed in the stars and galaxies behind it, it looked magnificent. It looked spectacular. Xen fell asleep watching its slow crawl across the sky.

He dreamed of the forest. He dreamed the trees became alive and swarmed him like a storm.

And with that, I have to sign out. Come back tomorrow for the next part of the story!