Most of my blog here is (will be) about my stories. Or I should say it’s a showcase for my stories.

Showcase sounds a bit high and mighty, but I just mean it’s a place where I can post my stories and people can read them if they want to.

This particular post is not a story, though. This is an account of a recent semi-adventure that I had that involved a roofing project on my personal home.

I just wanted to post about it here because I actually had a great experience and wanted to pass that on.

So my house needed a new roof, I thought. I wanted a roofing company that would do the job well, not gouge me, and would communicate clearly and throughout the project. I did not want a company that was going to leave me hanging. So I wanted to find the best roofing company along the Atlantic coast and the Atlantic Beach.

I knew that there were plenty of commercial companies out there who offered emergency services and all kinds of options.

And I knew there were also a lot of reliable roof repair companies that could come out and fix a leak if I had it or a small repair.

I knew I wanted a contractor that could answer all of my roof replacement questions and that would represent a good roof replacement company. So I went online and looked and found some companies and called each one and asked about the roof replacement prices.

I even looked up roofing companies FL Because I wanted to see what companies in other states might charge.

I googled Jackson Beach roofers, Neptune Beach roofing contractors, and even the Neptune Beach roofing contractors Association.

Roofing Companies

Call me crazy, but I thought I might as well check out roofing companies in Florida as well as roofing companies in Massachusetts and get a good picture of what roofing companies do down the East Coast.

So armed with all of my information, I selected a roofing company and had them come out to my house. They looked at the whole roof including the glass part and the metal part. I have a roof that’s made of several different materials, and I needed to make sure that I got a roofing company that could replace the whole roof including the parts with all different materials.

Monahan Roofing was the company that I ended up selecting. click here to see their site.

They came out to my house and looked at my project. They gave me an estimate for the price and were very clear about what all would be included in the project and also how long it would take.

They set a timeline and I was very pleased because they actually showed up the day they said they were going to show up. They stayed on track with the schedule except for one week when we had a monster storm roll through. Nobody was out working during those days, not even me. It was just a super big storm with lots of wind and tons of rain and everybody was just told to stay inside.

But after that they were back on track and I got my whole project finished right on time even with the week that they had to take off because of the storm.

So I just wanted to give a shout out to Monahan roofing because they did such a great job with my project and I was very happy with the result.