Back to the Ship

The continuation of yesterday’s blog story. . . . The sun was high in the sky and was the first natural light any of them had seen. The time they didn’t spend checking their direction or looking at the next branch to jump to, they spent gazing at the sun through their tinted visors. They quickly began sweating. Drenched in their suits. Unfortunately, they only came with fresh air, but no air conditioning. None of the trio dared to remove…

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Through the Canopy

Here’s the next part of the story I posted a few days ago. . . . Xen told himself that it didn’t matter anymore, as he watched the ship come closer to its final destination. He turned to Tok and Raguan. You guys okay? Raguan nodded, “yeah.” Then turned to Tok and said, “You okay, man?” Tok didn’t let go of the handles, his hands still clenched tightly. He nodded, short, jerky nods. Xen looked around the room. It was…

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The Ship Falls

Here’s a continuation of a story I wrote in my blog before last (before the one when I digressed about roofing!). Faceless scientists had built a ship and implanted hundreds of babies there, put into a comatose state until they were woken from their sixteen-year sleep by computers, one year before landing on Marvel. They spent that year training. Learning. A crash course on survival and farming. How to construct shelters for the rest of earth to occupy once they…

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The Roof Over My Head

Most of my blog here is (will be) about my stories. Or I should say it’s a showcase for my stories. Showcase sounds a bit high and mighty, but I just mean it’s a place where I can post my stories and people can read them if they want to. This particular post is not a story, though. This is an account of a recent semi-adventure that I had that involved a roofing project on my personal home. I just…

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